Robot Arm

  • What was wrong with the Robot Arm?

So, when the arm was supposed to go up, it went to the right, and most of the functions the robot arm was supposed to do wasn’t working.

  • What did you do to fix it?

So, we used Eclipse and changed the functions.

  • What did the Robot Arm do?

The robot arm moved left to right, and up to down. Also there was a claw so it could grip things.

  • What is the difference between when Eclipse uses a yellow line versus using a red line? Which one is an error and which one is a warning?

When Eclipse uses the yellow line, it means that the program can run, but there is a possibility that it might not work. But, red line is the error, and it can’t run the program until you fix it.

  • What is the difference between a LOGIC error and a COMPILE error. Which type of errors did the Robot Arm have?

So the logic error is the error when the thing is not doing the right thing, while compile error is something that the program identifies the error with the code.

  • Why do we use code libraries like the leJOS NXJ?

So libraries have a separate set of code and if we don’t use it, Lego Mindstorm won’t work because the code doesn’t exist for Java.

  • What is gamification?

Gamification is the use of game thinking.

  • How mad was Kevin, the mad scientist? Why was he mad?

Kevin was pretty mad, because we messed up a lot of codes. And he was mad because he could’t finish the project.

Building My Robot

My team is: Team 1

My team member is: Me (Tomoki), Jordan, and Sultan.

Our robot’s name is: Kevin-Prince-Boateng.

My experience with building my robot was really fun because it was my first experience making any kinds of robot.

First we built the robot,

Then we got the code from online

Then we created a new Java project called LegoMindStorm.

Then we added the Libraries, and

Then we converted the Project

Then we uploaded the code to the Robot

The robot moved forward until it touched the wall and changed direction when we hit there.